Weekly issues report | Mar 24 2019


  • Variations images are not assigned to the correct combination.
  • Dashboard views statistics are not synced with ebay’s data.
  • Sorting by the Price monitor column titles did not show the correct results.
  • Delay in the appearance of new sales in Sales & orders page.
  • User default item specifics are not getting published to ebay.
  • Target: existing listings are reported as out of stock.
  • Aliexpress: “No item found” error when listing to non US regions.

Still fixing:

  • Walmart: Rapid lister prevents from importing items if one of the variations is OOS.
  • Home Depot: DSM Auto-Paste buttons are duplicated in the product page.
  • Items are not getting restocked after sale.
  • Deleting listings are taking into count in the unmonitored listings notification.
  • Kmart/Sears: Brand name is duplicated in the title.
  • Choosing product main image in the bulk lister currently not working.